There are several methods for analyzing multi-phase flows with CFD, depending on the application. The primary classifications of multi-phase flow are:

  • Gas-liquid
  • Liquid-liquid flows
  • Gas-solid
  • Liquid-solid
  • Three phase flows

PMI has also modeled 4 phase flows where the formation of plasma was also included in the model through the use of user defined functions (UDFs).

There are several methods of modeling multi-phase flow including:

  • Volume of fluid – used for free surface calculation
  • Mixture – used to model situations where 1 phase is dominant in the flow
  • Eulerian – solves the momentum equation for each phase separately, used when phase volume fractions are nearly equal
  • Discrete phase – used to track small particles in the flow (aeration basins, etc.)
  • Wet steam

The selection of the appropriate model is dependent on the problem under consideration. PMI has considerable experience with all of these models and will select the model that is appropriate for your flow situation.