Gas dynamics play a role in a wide variety of engineering applications from near quiescent, buoyancy driven flow to the hypersonic re-entry of a spacecraft. In certain situations the fact that gases behave according to the Ideal Gas model, or that fluids such as water do compress slightly requires the use of a compressible flow model to obtain an accurate solution. PMI’s engineers have experience modeling a wide range of compressible flow situations, including high Mach number (> M=5) situations, as well as experience in using the compressibility model for turbo-machinery and buoyant heat transfer. This experience allows us to select the appropriate models for the analysis, minimizing solution times on what can be very difficult flow problems. Some applications for the compressibility model include:

  • Gas compressors
  • Turbomachinery
  • Blow off valves
  • Water hammer
  • Steam
  • Aircraft
  • Combustion
  • Power generation
  • Propulsion