There are a wide variety of applications where linear models do not meet the needs of the analysis. The primary categories for non-linear analyses are:

  • Changing Status – Includes parts coming into or out of contact, and tension-only members becoming slack.
  • Geometric Non-linearity – If a structure undergoes large deformations, the change in the structure’s shape can change the overall stiffness. If this stiffness change is not accounted for, the analysis may be non-conservative in its results.
  • Material Non-linearity – Includes plastic deformation, hyperelastic materials and temperature dependent material properties.

In all cases, the solution of this class of problem involves an iterative analysis technique that increases the computational expense. PMI has experience in modeling a wide variety of non-linear events. We also have access to the computing “horsepower” to perform these complex analyses within our clients’ analysis timeframes.