PMI was among the pioneers in using CFD for analyzing and optimizing water treatment facilities. Given our extensive experience in this field, we understand water treatment from a process standpoint, with knowledge of all of the equipment used on both the clean and dirty sides of the industry. We have experience in analyzing most processes and know when the tools are wholly acceptable for use and when they will not produce the desired results.

Among some of the water treatment equipment PMI has analyzed are:

Secondary clarifiers
Flow splitters with weirs
Anaerobic digesters
Aeration basins
UV chambers
Ozone contact chambers
Grit basins

Typically, analysis of a water treatment process involves the inclusion of multiple species or phases. Whether it be the floc in a clarifier, air bubbles in a basin or non-Newtonian sludge, the secondary phase can significantly affect the hydraulics of the system and usually must be considered. In other cases a second phase or species will be considered to allow for field test simulation. Some of these cases PMI has analyzed include Lithium tracer washout tests, and including bacteria that, when coupled to the electromagnetic equations for predicting UV intensities, allows an estimate of the kill rate in UV chambers. In all cases, PMI’s experience with the relevant models allows us to model our client’s situation efficiently.

Velocity Vectors

Water Treatment 1

Velocity Contours

Water Treatment 2


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