Sour Oil & Gas Advanced Technology (SOGAT) 2016

The Sour Oil & Gas Advanced Technology (SOGAT) conference was held in Abu Dhabi on March 20-24, 2016.  This gathering, which is focused on the gas conditioning issues that must be addressed to deliver sweetened gas for industrial development and infrastructure needs, has become the most prestigious meeting on this topic in the Middle East.

This conference can be considered the counterpart to the Laurence Reid Gas Conditioning (LRGC) conference held each year at the University of Oklahoma in the United States.

At SOGAT, Michael Porter, P.E. delivered a paper introducing a new analysis framework developed by PMI for the analysis and design of thermal reactors for sulfur recovery units.  This new framework represents an entirely new paradigm in the use of CFD to analyze combined thermo/acoustic phenomena.   Prior to PMI’s work in this area, these types of problems were only considered in research or specialized computational environments.  In his presentation and the accompanying paper (linked with this post), Mr. Porter demonstrated that PMI’s techniques can reduce the computing time necessary to obtain valid solutions by several orders of magnitude over techniques currently used to study these phenomena.  With this reduction in the resources required to perform these analyses, this category of coupled thermo/acoustic problems can now be undertaken for refineries and other industrial applications.

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