Should you Perform Nonlinear Stress Analysis?

Apparently I still need to learn how these blog posts work, I think they’re not supposed to have abstracts…


This post is a medium length (14 pages) exploration of the differences in results that occur when a lifting lug finite element model is analyzed using linear and nonlinear techniques.  From the results presented it is shown:

  • The ASME BPVC is unclear on which stress limits should be applied to a non-pressure retaining component using linear analysis techniques, and
  • For the geometry considered, the rated load for the lug is significantly increased when nonlinear techniques are applied.

The post is written at a mild technical level.  There are no equations, but an understanding of stress analysis is helpful.  Detailed modeling procedures, such as the selection of mesh density, are outside of the scope of a “short” post on nonlinear analysis and are not provided.  Sufficient graphical information and discussion is provided to allow interpretation of the results.  The post ends with a discussion of the pros and cons of linear and nonlinear analysis techniques, framed in terms of the lug analysis and PMI’s past experience.

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By Sean McGuffie