On February 23, 2016, at the prestigious Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference, PMI provided a “sneak peek” at the new framework that they have developed for the analysis of Sulfur Recovery Unit Thermal Reactors (TRs).  Although the framework has been developed specifically for TRs, it is actually applicable for any combustion-fired unit.  For the first time, the use of CFD is now available to model flow, combustion and acoustics on an industrial scale.   PMI has uploaded two videos to our YouTube channel (channel link) showing the flame shapes for a condition that caused problematic vibrations in the field.  The high rate with flame in can (link to video), in particular, allows the viewer to see the effect of an acoustic standing wave on the flame.


PMI will be presenting a paper on this topic in late March at the 2016 SOGAT Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Stay tuned for additional information on this analysis technique following the conference.


Video Links

High Rate Vibrating Flame Laurance Reid 2016

High Rate Flame in Can – Laurance Reid 2016