This video shows the flame at high-rate without choke ring.


High-Rate Without Choke Ring



This video shows the flame at the turndown rate including the choke ring.


Turndown Rate With Choke Ring



This video shows the thermal reactor’s flame pushed into the burner can due to the high acoustic vibrations within the chamber.

High-Rate Flame in Can – Laurance Reid 2016 (4k)



This video shows the vibration of a thermal reactor flame at the resonant frequency of the chamber.

High-Rate Vibrating Flame Laurance Reid 2016



This animation shows changes made to an industrial baghouse to improve flow performance. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was performed within Star-CCM+ and the animations created in Fieldview.

Baghouse Animation




Hydroforming a Tubesheet



Porter-McGuffie created a series of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations within Star-CCM+ analyzing various designs of a baghouse outlet for a client. Porter-McGuffie Inc improved the flow profile within the baghouse while meeting the clients need for an easy to manufacture solution. Porter-McGuffie Inc specializes in finite element and CFD solutions for industrial applications

Baghouse Animation



Stress analysis of a pressure vessel. Contours show stress, with the red areas being assessed for failure and fatigue. Porter-McGuffie Inc specializes in analysis of pressure vessels using finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics.

Pressure Vessel FEA Analysis



An earthquake profile was provided to a pressure vessel filled with water. On the left hand side you can see a design without baffles (large walls to segregate the fluid in the tank). On the right hand side is a design with three baffles, partitioning the tank into three distinct sections. Notice the reduction of "sloshing" (the back and forth movement of the fluid) with the addition of baffles. This reduces the amount of force that the tank is under in these simulated earthquake environment. Porter-McGuffie Inc specializes in finite element and CFD solutions to real world problems.

Earthquake Pressure Vessel Simulation



In this video compare the amount of force subject to the two cylinders. The cylinder on the right is a normal cylinder (without strakes). Notice how it vortex-sheds in regular intervals such that the force applied to the cylinder is maximized. However, the cylinder on the left, with strakes added, induces turbulence around the cylinder making the force profile lower in magnitude and non-oscillatory. Porter-McGuffie Inc specializes in finite element and CFD solutions to real world problems.

3D CFD Strakes Simulations



In this video we demonstrate an analysis involving a free falling flow. This was necessary to characterize the velocity profile at the surface of an inlet. It also gives a visual to a flow that is occurring at a rapid rate. Simulation was performed in Star-CCM+.

Scum Buster For Water Treatment Animation (CFD)



This simulation of a mixing flow was presented at part of a tutorial at the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) PVP (Piping and Pressure Vessel) conference in Toronto in 2012. This animation demonstrates the mixing capability of current CFD software. The simulation was performed in Star-CCM+ and the animation was created in Fieldview.

Mixer CFD Simulation Animation



Turbulence modeling using a Direct Eddy Simulation. This includes plots of Temperature (Top), Vorticity (Middle), and Boundary Heat Flux (Bottom). This information was used in modeling an industrial problem to help solve heat issues. The DES simulation was set up in Star-CCM+.

Direct Eddy Simulation (DES)

Fin Geometry Displacement

Burner Pad Only


Structural Analysis Of Crane Mast

Shedding Analysis Of Tube

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