Typical applications for FEA include Linear Elastic Analysis Non-Linear Non-Linear Material Models Non-Linear Large Displacement Non-Linear Multi-Body Contact Dynamics Fluid-Structural Interaction (FSI) Impact Fatigue



PMI has experience on a wide variety of CFD projects with flows ranging from quiescent, buoyancy-driven flows to hypersonic aerodynamics. We routinely use advanced modeling techniques including deforming meshes, multiple species and User Defined Functions (UDFs) to provide optimal solutions

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PMI provides field measurement services to define the motion of objects or systems. We have the instrumentation and trained staff to assess the motion of almost anything, from a single small object to complete building/soil systems. Closely linked to these

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LaFarge Roberta Plane Baghouse Analysis

LaFarge Roberta Plane Baghouse Analysis

By expanding an undersized baghouse, the Lafarge Roberta plant in Calera, Alabama was able to reduce daily cleaning cycles by a factor of ten and eliminate frequent bag changes due to excessive abrasion. In 2002, the Lafarge Roberta plant built a new cement line that included a ten-compartment pulse-jet raw mill/kiln baghouse. The new baghouse turned out to be undersized. Lafarge consulted with GE Energy to correct the situation and improve the line’s efficiency. In production, air volume was 22% over design capacity. The increased air volume pushed the air-to-cloth ratio to the limit, causing drastic increase in filter bag cleaning cycles[...]
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Video Card Options and Testing

Video Card Options and Testing

Viewing and manipulating large models requires significant compute resources. For post-processing FE and CFD results three areas control the amount of wall time required to generate each image:  number of CPU’s, available system RAM and Video Cards. This post focuses on video cards with information provided from benchmarks performed by PMI.   It is shown that the latest generation of video cards provide significant improvements in performance over video cards that are a few years old.   Based on initial tests that we performed for benchmarking our machines we found large differences in machine performance depending on the hardware that was available. Additionally,[...]
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