Typical applications for FEA includeLinear Elastic Analysis Non-Linear Non-Linear Material Models Non-Linear Large Displacement Non-Linear Multi-Body Contact Dynamics Fluid-Structural Interaction (FSI) Impact Fatigue



PMI has experience on a wide variety of CFD projects with flows ranging from quiescent, buoyancy-driven flows to hypersonic aerodynamics. We routinely use advanced modeling techniques including deforming meshes, multiple species and User Defined Functions (UDFs) to provide optimal solutions

vibration image


PMI provides field measurement services to define the motion of objects or systems. We have the instrumentation and trained staff to assess the motion of almost anything, from a single small object to complete building/soil systems. Closely linked to these

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New Website!

New Website!

Welcome to the new Porter McGuffie website. The new site has many new features. You are now able to search the site for keywords! You can also view and download many technical papers we have published. You can even watch cool videos of projects. The News section will be updated often with a variety of things. Expect new papers we publish or even a quick educational video.[...]
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